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All Dolled Up


~ Fine clothing and accessories
 for your 18 inch doll ~

Welcome to my Doll Boutique! 

I have been sewing for as long as I can remember and I love making custom items for my children and friends.  For my oldest daughter's birthday a few years ago, I purchased an 18 inch American Girl doll on ebay and made the doll several outfits, including the one pictured to the right where they have matching pajamas.  I quickly discovered that I really enjoyed making lovely unique doll outfits.  I found that matching fabrics brought out the 'stylist' in me and it has become a great outlet for my creative sewing.

Most pieces can be mixed and matched for even more creative playing.   I focus on making stylish, current styles, and I use the following methods to assure not only a beautifully finished product, but one that will withstand years of play.

  • serged seams to prevent fraying
  • high-quality fabrics and trims
  • double and often triple stitched seams

I also find the following parts of my business keeps customers returning to add to their doll collection:

  • All full outfits come with a hanger that can fit on a standard closet rod
  • Most outfits come with a matching hair accessory
  • Many doll tops and most of the bags have some type of embroidered embellishment.
By shopping with me:
  • All sewing is 100% American Made!
  • You will be treated with the hospitality associated with a home-based boutique

Since I don't mass-produce, how will my product be available on this website?

  • My styles will be limited to assure the unique boutique experience.  However, if you see a sold out item, and I no longer have that exact fabric, I can work with you to make the perfect outfit for your doll.
  • By producing small quantities of a particular item, your doll will have unique outfits to enjoy.

My business  is set up as a doll clothing boutique so that you can experience the fun of buying quality specialty clothing at an affordable price.  I hope that once you visit my boutique, you will want to keep visiting to see the constantly changing merchandise.

If you would like to see my custom embroidery merchandise and other sewing services, please click here:

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Please check back often to see the latest styles

You can e-mail me at:
All Dolled Up

All Dolled Up Chandler, AZ